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Coronavirus. How long will you have to wait for Italian returns?

GB, USA and France are already ready to recover compatriots

50 Italians are stuck in Wuhan for the Chinese coronavirus and there is no news regarding a transfer. "The situation is fairly calm, we have constant contact with them, they are under understandable pressure", said the head of the Farnesina crisis unit Stefano Verrecchia who explained the possibility of evacuations out of the region but this will entail a period 14-day observation period in hospital. For those who choose to stay, there will be a direct line with the embassy to receive the appropriate advice and indications. He added: "We first thought of a solution by land, but we also evaluate solutions by plane". However, before proceeding, it will be necessary to wait for the authorizations from Beijing, since it would be a matter of "going out of a sealed area".

Meanwhile Washington is sending a charter plane to recover Americans from the city affected by 2019-Cov. Tokyo and Paris are also ready. French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said: "In connection with the Ministries of the Interior, health and the military, we are carrying out an air repatriation operation for the benefit of our citizens. The French who wish to leave the Wuhan region will be able to do so this week by air. Obviously, these people, upon arrival in France, will be placed in quarantine".

The Foreign Office is finalizing the plan for the evacuation of British citizens from Wuhan. A spokesman for the London Foreign Ministry said that "developments are being monitored closely" and that the British authorities are in "close contact" with the Chinese authorities to safeguard the safety of British citizens. Germany is considering recovering German citizens who are in Wuhan. During a press conference in Berlin, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Adebahr said: "A crisis unit on this health emergency is gathering in Berlin at this time. 19 German citizens are living, working or studying in Wuhan: in Germany, there are all the tools to recognize possible cases of infection, isolate them and treat them". German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that the embassy in Beijing had sent a team to support compatriots.

Since the United States has already sent an aircraft for recovery, and France already knows that its citizens will be able to return home in the week, the question arises as to why, as far as Italy is concerned, there is still no significant news for repatriation.

We will perhaps have updates following the hearing of Health Minister Roberto Speranza.

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