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US, Trump financial package: we will go to the Moon, but cuts to environment and welfare funds

Especially the poor and sick will pay the costs

The commonplace that reads "they went to the Moon, but have not managed yet to find the cure for cancer" strips itself of its rhetorical meaning, of a phrase made, cliché, stereotype, analyzing the financial package presented yesterday by Donald Trump. "A budget for America's Future" is the 4800 billion proposal in view of the fiscal year 2021 with cuts in welfare and the environment to increase the funding for the wall on the border with Mexico, NASA, the defense. A proposal that is unlikely to become law, given that the House is in the hands of the Democrats. NASA will have a 12% increase in resources: the return of man (this time it will be a woman - see AVIONEWS) to the Moon in 2024 and the search for the conquest of Mars is underway, but to pay the consequences above all, it will be the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, with a 26% cut in funding (as if the climate emergency was not an imminent problem). If the financial package goes through, the poor and the sick will pay for the costs: the cuts would mainly concern welfare and social assistance with a cleaving blow to Medicaid and Medicare, to government aid such as "food stamps", the shopping vouchers for the less well-off and the housing department.

"A budget for America's Future" becomes a mirror of US capitalist and imperialist society, oriented towards profit and the wicked arms race. The 19% increase in funds for the National Nuclear Security Administration, the agency of the Department of Energy responsible for nuclear power, in contrast to a complete lack of interest in environmental conservation, is configured as another slap in the sense yet. Indeed, it simply presents itself for the intrinsic meaning of its name (nomen omen): an America (written specifically in lowercase) of the future that approaches the meat grinder model of "The Jungle" denounced in 1906 by the journalist Upton Sinclair.

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