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Malaysia plane flight MH-17: trial accused of shooting down

Three Russians and an Ukrainian separatist to the stand in Schiphol

According to the European press reports today, the trial has started in Amsterdam involving three Russians and an Ukrainian separatist, accused in competition of having shot down the airliner Boeing B-777/200ER airplane, flight MH-17 of Malaysia Airlines, which on July 17, 2014 with a total of 298 people on board travelled on the route between Amsterdam-Schiphol and Kuala Lumpur. The aircraft disappeared from the radar screens while it was in the skies of Ukraine, in the Donetsk Oblast. Investigations revealed that the plane crashed because it was hit by a Buk surface-to-air missile, at the time used by both the Russian and Ukrainian armed forces, in conflict with each other.

For investigators, there is evidence that the missile left from a Russian military base, a circumstance always denied by Moscow. Judge Hendrik Steenhuis opened the hearing at the court of Schiphol, a suburb of Amsterdam, not far from the take-off point of the plane, but the four accused were not in the courtroom since neither of the two Countries they belong to extradit its citizens.

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