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Russia: a black future for the aircraft and transport industry

Russian carriers, airport operators and related companies don't escape the global crisis from Covid-19

Alexander Neradko, head of the Russian Federal Aviation Agency (Rosaviatsia), as well as Deputy Minister of Transport, said today from data collected by the Federal Agency about the risks of bankruptcy of Russian carriers in light of restrictions related to Covid-19 emergency, it emerged that "A decrease in airline revenues, caused by the closure of international routes, and a simultaneous increase in costs in the event of a depreciation of the ruble, can potentially lead to significant losses and difficulties in the whole sector of the civil aviation. In fact, there is a strong risk of bankruptcy first of all for airlines, secondly for all the other players in the civil aviation industry (airport managers, and related companies, such as baggage and/or passenger handling companies, cleaning)".

Neradko added it, taken from the Russian press, which is already planning a first failure on the horizon: "UTair (Russian low-cost airline that manages links and helicopter operator, with hubs in Vnukovo and Surgut airports, Editor's note), which it covers a large number of passenger connections even on non-alternative routes, it is currently in a very difficult financial status". The situation is certainly not rosy even for the rest of the players in the sector, given the restrictions imposed, quarantines, bans on the movement of people, the closure of borders and the suspension of flights in most of the Nations of the world.

It must be said, however, that the deputy minister has denounced the state of illness by the Russian air transport industry, but he has not spoken of treatment, or of those aid that should come from the Government before the situation reaches a point of no return. But Moscow seems to be silent...

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