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JetBlue could use ultraviolet rays to disinfect aircraft

Technology was studied together with Honeywell

Air carrier JetBlue Airways is about to experiment the sanitation of its planes with a technology that will exploit ultraviolet rays. The coronavirus pandemic forced many companies to review hygiene systems and the transportation sector could not fail. Airline's number one, Joanna Geraghty explained to the American media yesterday morning that a collaboration is underway with Honeywell, an American company specialized in automation, so to start a pilot project shortly. The device is called Honeywell UV Cabin System, but how exactly does it work?In terms of size and shape, it is something very similar to the beverage trolley, but it will be used to clean the inside of the aircraft in just ten minutes.

The ultraviolet light is therefore intended to sanitize surfaces starting from those most at risk such as seats and armrests, but also the containers for the collection of various waste. However, there are those who did not like the news. In particular, several American journalists have stressed that ultraviolet rays are harmful to both skin and eyesight, consequently it would take a lot of attention and particular attention. JetBlue is not however the only reality to want to explore this possibility. In fact, in New York, the same subway cleaning technology should be experimented soon, a million dollar program that is getting closer to the start.

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