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Woman walks on the wing of the plane after landing

Passenger will receive a hefty fine -VIDEO

Summer is not over finished and it can be understood the desire for a breath of fresh air when the sun begins to beat down in the hottest hours, but what committed by the passenger on a flight connection just landed in Ukraine has no logical explanation. The video of the woman walking on the wing of a Boeing 737/86N of Ukraine International Airlines immediately after landing at Kiev-Boryspil International Airport was published on-line. Her words commenting on the gesture were just as curious: "I needed some air". Flight PS6212 took off at 8:25 am (local time) today, on Wednesday September 2, 2020, from Turkey, to be precise from Antalya, arriving in the Ukrainian capital two and a half hours later.

The protagonist of the story was travelling with her husband and two children and began to walk the entire width of the wing. From the video it can be seen the emergency exit opened and the woman walking around as if nothing had happened, before being called back into the aircraft by a stewardess. Ukraine International Airlines has decided to include the name in its "black list"; among other things, the passenger was neither drunk nor drugged, and a hefty fine should be envisaged for her, given that the security managers of the Ukrainian airport, the police and the doctors of the garrison located at the airport were involved. The country has blocked the access of foreigners for a few days and is managing with difficulty the pilgrimage of several Orthodox Jews, some of whom arrested for having boarded airplanes despite the ban.

Below, the video released on the web:

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