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US-China tensions on nuclear arsenal

Pentagon sure that it will grow in the coming years

Washington reports, Beijing rebels: annual "China Military Power" report that the Pentagon detailed in the last hours in the US Congress has highlighted a situation that is not exactly peaceful as regards China's nuclear plans. United States Department of Defense illustrated how Asian country is ready to increase its stocks by at least double, a figure that refers to the next ten years. Pentagon itself included in the calculation the nuclear warheads capable of reaching American territory, despite the fact that the potential has been defined as "lower" than the stars and stripes (about 3800 units against 200 to be precise).

The underlining of this Chinese nuclear expansion did not please those directly concerned at all. The Asian country has in fact rejected all predictions, the arsenal will not record significant increases and it has been assured that the report is the result of "unfounded comments" and "voluntary distortions of strategic intentions". The piqued comment came shortly after the publication of the document by Hua Chunying, spokesman for the foreign ministry. The United States expects China to be the dominant power in the Asia-Pacific area no later than 2049, an impression that is branded by Beijing as the result of "cold war thoughts".

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