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Defence. New tensions and mutual accusations between India and China

Both countries spoke of gunfire at the border

Beijing and New Delhi can't stand each other and make nothing to hide it. After tensions of recent days, India and China accused each other of having fired warning shots at the disputed border in the Himalayas (the so-called "Lac", Line of Actual Control). According to reports from Chinese sources in these hours, Indian soldiers would have crossed the line, immediately opening fire in a provocative way. For its part, India rejected any allegations, accusing China of doing the same thing it is being blamed for. Relations have been tense as never before since last June 15, after the killing of 20 Indian soldiers in the area.

For almost half a century there have been no reports of gunshots at the border, given that there is a very specific agreement between the two countries that prohibits the use of firearms. Sending of soldiers to the Himalayas from both sides (several tens of thousands to be precise) makes it clear that the situation is not quiet. India has already chosen to rely on radar to also monitor helicopters from China: this air defense system is of Russian origin (Igla) and could be used in the hypothesis of suspicious approach of aircraft and aircraft over the line.

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