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Difficulties of Berlin-Brandenburg airport one month before opening

Financial losses of German hub are worrying

Nine years of delay, a month to wait and an unknown number of economic losses. The situation of the Berlin-Brandenburg "Willy Brandt" airport is nothing short of paradoxical: its opening, after years of waiting and postponements, is imminent and scheduled for next October, 31st, yet this airport already needs substantial aid (read also the article published by AVIONEWS). But how much exactly are they? German media spoke in the last hours of at least 300 million Euros; 100 million are required for back payments, while the remaining 200 million refer to the sum to be paid to the company that manages the airport, Flughafen Berlin-Brandenburg.

This size and numbers to be recorded in the future are important, that is to say 27 million passengers and the achievement of the third place in the "ranking" of German airports (immediately after Frankfurt am Main and Munich). The wait was almost unnerving, given that the initial opening was scheduled for 2011, before a series of obstacles and difficulties. Engelbert Lütke Daldrup, general manager of Berlin-Brandenburg, was very clear, speaking of the new aid to be requested in the coming months and the insolvency avoided thanks to the shareholders who have buffered the loss of income. The premises do not seem good, but the date of October 31 is getting closer and closer.

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