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Truth about a missed crash between Ryanair planes of two years ago

Spanish Civil Aviation published the final report - ATTACHMENT

Almost exactly two years after the episode, it became clear about a missed accident between two planes that could have very serious consequences. In these last hours, Spanish civil aviation (Ciaiac) published the final report on a disaster avoided only at the last minute which dates back to October 2, 2018. It was around 3 pm on that now distant day of early autumn and , according to what was ascertained by the Iberian commission of investigation, two B-737s of the low-cost airline Ryanair reached the minimum distance expected. The alarm was inevitable, given that the plane departed from Santiago de Compostela and headed for Palma de Mallorca (184 people on board, registration EI-FRY) and the one that took off from Seville and headed to Toulouse (160 passengers, registration EI-DWW) they were very close to one of the worst disasters that would ever occur in the skies.

According to the survey, some factors were decisive; in particular, responsibilities must be attributed to two Spanish air traffic controllers. The first was located in Pamplona, the second in Zaragoza and both were unable to understand that the aircraft were dangerously reducing both the horizontal (9.26 kilometers) and vertical (305 meters) minimum safe distances. Fortunately the pilots managed to avoid the tragedy: the B-737 bound for Palma de Mallorca climbed in altitude, while the top descended, before the regular landing of the two planes.

The complete version of the report (24 pages) is attached to this AVIONEWS.

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