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Singapore Airlines cancels flights "to nowhere"

Carrier was accused of polluting too much

In Australia they had a great success, in Singapore instead the failure was inevitable: we are talking about the so-called flights "to nowhere". Qantas, Australian national airline, achieved great results after proposing the initiative, putting the budget ruined by the current crisis triggered by Covid-19. Singapore Airlines, on the other hand, was reluctantly forced to give up; the aim was to propose "scenic" connections departing from Changi International Airport, only to back off.

According to reports from the local media, significant problems have arisen from an environmental point of view. In particular, some companies active in the defense of the climate and the territory have protested loudly, declaring loudly that they do not like these flights of the Asian airline due to the polluting emissions that would increase in a dangerous way. This is why the debate forced Singapore Airlines to review its policy: it was not even time to hypothesize the possible income, therefore the economic benefits of aimless connections are not known, in the case of Qantas financial success was ensured by the prices to be sustained, ie 485 Euros for the cheapest tickets.

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