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Iran claims leadership on radar and military aircraft

Local armed forces and media are talking about it from days

Declarations that look so much like provocations: Iranian media released in recent hours some statements by Ali Hajizadeh, general of the Islamic revolutionary guards, according to which the Asian Nation is a world leader in radar technologies and as regards military aircraft. Geopolitics experts believe this is a clear message to countries like the United States and Israel (with which relations are notoriously strained), but what exactly did the general refer to? Above all, the greater capacities reached by Tehran were highlighted, which could allow the installation of new radar stations in the coming years. The numbers have been spread with a certain bravado: according to Hajizadeh, the autonomy of the most sophisticated system used is 350 kilometers, but can reach up to a thousand kilometers depending on the altitude.

Precisely for this reason, Iran intends to introduce new missiles and drones for further development of the military industrial sector. The first long-range radar systems were installed in 2014, specifically in Garmasar, in the eastern part of the country and from that moment it was announced that the use could be useful for the so-called "electronic warfare". Among other things, Iranian technology could be exploited in the future by allies such as Yemen, Iraq and Syria.

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