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European aviation on alert for possible volcanic eruption

The alarm was raised by Iceland

Meteorological services around the world are starting to alert civil aviation for a possible volcanic eruption capable of upsetting landings and take-offs. The problem comes from Iceland: meteorological office of Scandinavian nation made it known how it is necessary to keep the Grimsvotn volcano under control, in the south-eastern part of the island. The activity would have increased suddenly, so much so as to raise the alarm level. The risk that is being feared is that what happened a little less than a decade ago will happen again, when another Icelandic volcano managed to upset European aviation for about a week; it was Eyjafjallajokull and still today it is difficult to forget the blanket of lapilli and smoke that characterized the skies in that period (see AVIONEWS).

On the other hand, as experts point out, it is rare for such an alarm to turn into something concrete. There has usually never been any warning like the one in the last few hours that has since occurred, while the worst eruptions have all been unexpected and above all expectations. In addition to the actual volcanic eruption, it is also necessary to take into account the winds of the following days, the only ones able to determine the density and duration of the blanket. During the week that started today, Monday October 12, 2020, and in the following week, other important updates are planned.

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