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Defence. Turkey ready to test Russian missile system

Tensions with the US could increase

As reported by local media yesterday evening, Thursday October 15, 2020, Turkey would be ready to test a Russian-made missile defense system, specifically the S-400. The operation should be completed today after Ankara has taken steps to limit the air and sea space off the Turkish Black Sea coast. The fact that it is relying on Russia for these missiles is frowned upon by analysts and experts. Indeed, there is a risk of escalating tensions with the United States.

The American concern is that the Russians can access information from NATO itself on F-35 military aircraft (see AVIONEWS). Relations between the two countries cracked in July 2019 following the supply of Russian S-400 anti-aircraft defense systems. The United States has asked to renounce the agreement with Moscow by offering the US "Patriot" system in exchange, threatening Ankara to delay or cancel the sale of F-35 fighters and to impose sanctions, but Turkey has not given in to the warnings and has indeed pointed out that without Turkey the F-35 program was doomed to fail

The US presidential election is less than three weeks away, and Democratic candidate Joe Biden signaled his intention to take a tougher line with Turkey than President Trump has primarily with new sanctions.

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