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British Airways: "Aviation industry may never recover"

Covid-19 scares CEO of British air carrier

The role was recently been assumed, but it certainly cannot be said that Sean Doyle's experience as new CEO of British Airways carrier started with optimism (read also the article published by AVIONEWS). The CEO has in fact released statements in the last hours that do not bode well for the future, neither that of the company itself nor that of the entire industry. In fact, according to Doyle, the air transport sector may never be able to recover from the crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. In particular, there are fears how the situation will be dealt with in the coming months, given that the restrictions imposed by the various governments did not please British Airways at all (see AVIONEWS).

Despite this underlying pessimism, CEO also addressed the question of possible air connections in one of the most intense periods for the sector; one can only refer to Christmas, given that there are exactly two months left and it is not easy to imagine the management of movements of any kind. Doyle pointed out that flights between London and New York, one of the busiest routes in the world and which has seen the daily frequency reduced from 12 to 2, are being studied. The United Kingdom and the United States could meet those who have to go to the two Nations on the occasion of December 25 with a special "corridor" that was not yet detailed.

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