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Defense, India will have access to US data for missiles and drones

Agreement was signed in the last few hours

Strategic relations between India and United States are more solid than ever, as confirmed by the agreement signed yesterday, Tuesday October 27, 2020. Washington and New Delhi strengthened the partnership related to defense and security: Asian country will be able to freely access American satellite data to improve missile manufacturing and other military assets. Signatures were those of Mark Esper, US Secretary of Defense, and his Indian counterpart, Rajnath Singh. The agreement took the name of Beca, an acronym that identifies the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement: security and stability are the two objectives to be achieved, in light of the recent activities of China that Esper himself has defined as "destabilizing" (read also the article published by AVIONEWS).

Beca represents only the latest of the defense agreements between the nations involved (in total there are 4): even the previous memoranda provide for the exchange of confidential and classified information regarding military logistics. The precedents date back to 2002 (agreement on general information security), 2016 (Memorandum of Agreement on logistical exchanges) and 2018 (compatibility and communication security agreement). With the new agreement, India will access topographic, nautical and aeronautical data which are considered fundamental for the development of missiles and drones (see AVIONEWS).

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