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Defense, Iran unveils new missile system

The presentation during an official ceremony

Today, on Wednesday November 4, 2020, Iran officially unveiled its new ballistic missile system, as reported by local media. The rockets in question were shown during an inauguration ceremony by the guard corps of the national Islamic revolution: it is a fully automated system (read also the article published by AVIONEWS) and which will be used to launch long-range ballistic missiles. As pointed out by Hossein Salami , head of the Asian country's guard corps, the power achieved in this way should be able to make any enemy withdraw.

The presentation of the new defense capabilities also aimed to show the political will of Iran; in fact, during the last few years the ballistic missiles and the aerospace military equipment that have been manufactured have reached increasingly sophisticated levels, without forgetting the range that has expanded from time to time. This development does not please the United States at all (see AVIONEWS): Washington has repeatedly asked Tehran to block the missile program as soon as possible, a claim that has been ignored by Iran which has repeatedly reiterated that the project is not under discussion and it won't be in the next few years either. Two months ago the Nation completed a three-day large-scale military exercise in its southern waters.

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AVIONEWS - World Aeronautical Press Agency