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Avatar Airlines buys first planes for official debut

Operation could be a reality in 18 months

The announcement first of the coronavirus pandemic and then a few other updates: it's time again to talk about the carrier Avatar Airlines, a commercial initiative "born" in the US State of Florida. The company confirmed in the last few hours that it has purchased 10 B-747 aircraft which will serve to ensure connections at more than advantageous prices. The agreement was signed with another airline, Thai Airways, which made the aircraft available and made cash in a complicated financial moment. The airplanes were destined for scrapping, but it was realized that they would be more useful for scheduled flights. No other details are known regarding the agreement between the companies, despite some rumors about the airports that Avatar is destined to serve.

We are talking exclusively about US airports; furthermore, the first operations should be supported from a financial point of view by the recent share placement. The brand new carrier has in fact launched securities for 300 million dollars, which could be placed soon. The most optimistic outlook foresees the debut within the next 12-18 months: headquarters will be that of Boca Raton (precisely in Florida), with a tariff policy that could lower the costs of companies by 30-50% competitors. Florida was not chosen by chance, the location that will become the reference hub is known for beach tourism and the hope is to attract the largest number of passengers.

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