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Air carriers. Is American Airlines looking for a new CEO?

There are several names that are circulating

An announcement that did not go unnoticed: according to reports in these hours by the stars and stripes media, the carrier American Airlines could be looking for a new CEO (also read the article that was published by AVIONEWS). The transition seems inevitable after the same company has made it known that they want to select a CHRO. This acronym identifies the Chief Human Resources Officer, the director of human resources so to speak. In the professional selection other interesting details have been added; for example, this manager may reside at the headquarters of American Airlines, therefore in Fort Worth (in the US State of Texas) and will have to report to Executive Vice President Elise Eberwein. In addition, he will also have to report to the CEO and that is why rumors about the role have increased. Currently CEO of the airline is Doug Parker that is in this office since 2013, immediately after the merger between US Airways and American Airlines. He has an impressive career if we take into account the fact that he was previously the director of US Airways itself, pulling it in the not-so-simple period after September 11, 2001. There is no shortage of hypotheses on the most appropriate names in this sense. For example, current president Robert Isom would be perfect, as would CFO Derek Kerr. It is still early to understand what is cooking, but soon we will surely know more.

On the same topic, read also the article published by AVIONEWS.

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