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China. Tianwen-1 has entered the orbit of Mars

The journey lasted more than 200 days

Mars is getting closer: the red planet has been at the center of many aerospace discussions for some time and in the last few hours the focus was higher after the Chinese probe Tianwen-1 managed to enter the Martian orbit. As reported by the media of the Asian nation, the expected event came at the end of a journey of almost seven months from Earth. According to data provided by CNSA (China National Space Administration), the probe itself began to decelerate just before 8 pm (Beijing time) yesterday, Wednesday February 10, 2021; in addition, a 3000N engine was started. Tianwen-1 is characterized by a lander and a rover and the slowdown just mentioned was fundamental to allow the spacecraft to be literally "captured" by the gravity of Mars. It will take ten Earth days for the planet's orbit to complete. The mission we are talking about foresees the actual orbit, in addition to the landing and the subsequent reconnaissance, consequently the step just taken is considered very important. The launch of the probe with the Long March-5 rocket dates back to last July and the journey lasted a total of 202 days, complete with orbital corrections typical of these missions. Finally, the kilometers traveled were 475 million, while the current distance from the Earth is just under 200 million kilometers.

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