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B-777 aircraft's engine parts fallen after take off from Denver

United Airlines airplane came back safely to airport

On Saturday February 20, 2021 a B-777/200 of air carrier United Airlines (registration N772UA) had several problems taking off while it was in the skies of Denver, in the US State of Colorado. The story had many points in common with that which took place at the same time in the Netherlands. The aircraft reported a right engine failure after leaving the airport of the American city, scattering the pieces in a residential area, as can be seen in many photos that appeared online immediately after the fact. On board were 231 passengers and 10 crew members; the plane then managed to land safely at the Denver airport, without there being any physical consequences for the people on board. United Airlines Flight 328 was bound for Honolulu and the accident could not fail to affect other air links. Boeing has in fact ordered to ground 128 B-777s worldwide, asking the airlines involved to give up the use of these aircraft. The American authorities for their part had ordered the inspection of the B-777s with some specific PW400 engines, such as the one involved in the accident in Denver. Even Japan had already imposed on the companies All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines the stop of the aircraft of the American aeronautical giant with that specific engine, until further warnings arrive.

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