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Emirates accuses Boeing: "Planes have no longer same quality"

President Clark said it during an interview

A very heavy accusation that could have important consequences: Tim Clark, President of the airline Emirates, has lashed out in recent hours against Boeing and the alleged lack of quality standards of recent times. Interviewed yesterday, Tuesday, March 16, 2021, Clark explained how the American industry has been more focused on paying dividends to shareholders. The manager of the Asian company also added how the Boeing crisis will only worsen if the main problems of this historical phase, B-737 Max in primis, are not solved. The president's words leave no space for doubts: “I'm tired of receiving planes that can't take off and that I'm forced to leave on the ground, we need to work harder to find that reliability that customers feel the need for”. Emirates can boast one of the largest fleets in the world for B-777s, so there are fears of negative repercussions on future choices. Now Clark wants Boeing to focus its attention on critical issues, in order to "make up for lost ground in terms of image". For many civil aviation experts, this is the most critical interview ever in recent history that focuses on the American industry. A reply in the next few hours is not excluded.

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