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Stockholm-Bromma Airport definitively closes

Covid-19 has accelerated a choice scheduled for 2038

Among the many "victims" of the aviation sector who have been killed by the coronavirus there is also a Scandinavian airport that has not been talked about for some time. We are talking about the Stockholm-Bromma airport, about 7 kilometers from the capital of Sweden (read also what published by AVIONEWS). The hub in question was forced to announce its definitive closure, as decided by the local government for reasons that are easy to understand. Despite its centrality and history (the official debut dates back to 1936 to be precise), the difficulties that arose following the covid-19 pandemic prevailed. Yet in 2019 it managed to handle 2.5 million passengers (residents in Sweden are about 10 million according to the latest official statistics), a more than significant total for a country like the Nordic one. Last March, however, the people who passed through these parts were 97% less on an annual basis, a real meltdown. The inhabitants of Stockholm have begun to give way to another airport, the commercial one of Arlanda, however, struggling with a -70% that does not make you sleep peacefully. It is worth remembering how the Swedish executive had very specific intentions for Bromma before the health emergency became very topical: in fact, the aim was to close the airport in 2038, a calmer time horizon for an inevitable handover which, however, is been accelerated in an inevitable way.

On the same topic read also the article published by AVIONEWS.

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