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China launches three new satellites for electromagnetic surveys

Long March 2C carrier rocket took off

China has decided to launch new Yaogan satellites into orbit, confirming its propensity for the aerospace sector which has lasted for several years. After the controversy related to the Long March 5B rocket, a new leaf has been turned with the sending into space of two technologies. The great protagonist of the mission we are talking about was the Long March 2C rocket, which took off in the last few hours from the Xichang satellite launch center, in the South-West area of the Asian nation. The orbit was 600 kilometers of altitude: the previous closest to the present day for what concerns the same type of launches dated back to 2017. Now these satellites will be used for investigations relating to the electromagnetic field, as well as a series of tests. related technologies, as specified by the media of the former celestial empire. The Yaogan series is regarded as the one that includes satellites for Chinese military reconnaissance. Compared to what happened four years ago, however, there have been some important improvements regarding the duration of the technologies and their reliability. On board the carrier rocket was also present Tianqi-12, a small satellite that has the task of enhancing internet connectivity on behalf of a Beijing company, Guodian Gaoke. The issue of the rocket that ended up in the ocean, off the Maldives, was filed without major problems and with a louder noise than it should, now this country wants to focus on other innovative projects in the same sector.

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