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SE200, the three-winged plane that consumes 70% less

This aircraft has a revolutionary design

Today's planes certainly cannot be the same as those of several decades ago. A clear example of this is the aircraft that was recently developed in the United States: even if by many it is considered a project that is too “imaginative”, it is having a certain following and its development is proceeding quickly. We are talking about an aircraft that aims to revolutionize the market, specifically the SE200 prototype of the SE Aeronautics company, whose design is completely new and innovative compared to those known so far. 

In particular, it is the three wings that arouse a certain sensation, not forgetting the two engines that have been mounted in the rear. Among other features, it is worth mentioning the ability to carry up to 264 passengers and respect for the environment. The fuel consumed will in fact be 70% less, a difference that has been calculated in comparison with an aircraft of similar size and currently operational. The expected range is no less important, ie about 17,000 kilometers, while the top speed will be competitive. Among other things, despite the three wings, fuel storage will not take place precisely in this section of the aircraft: the designers have transformed them into something more slender and thin, as well as aerodynamic to store the necessary fuel in the upper part of the fuselage. Finally, efficiency will be guaranteed by the composite materials that in this project have been chosen with the utmost attention in view of an innovative future.

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