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Eelde Airport reports of noise pollution soaring

Over 50% of them originated from two people

The situation that is closely affecting a Dutch airport is very peculiar and bizarre. We are talking about the Groningen-Eelde airport, which is equipped with a terminal, a control tower and two runways both with asphalt. The dimensions are not exceptional, yet the noise pollution affecting the hub in question is causing more than one concern. Otherwise, the sudden surge in citizens' complaints against airport noise in recent times would not be explained. In March there was a significant increase in this sense: between January and February, there were a few dozen reports, while in the middle of Spring they rose to 531. What exactly happened? The numbers do not lie, since they have been put in black and white by the Air Traffic Notification Desk at the Eelde airport. The main complaints, a very singular detail, come from only two people. In practice, over 50% of the reports against noise pollution were submitted by two journalists. One of them came forward 211 times in March, for a daily average of 7 complaints, while his colleague "limited" himself to 81 citations. In addition, the vast majority of cases relate to training flights which are operated by KLM Flight Academy. The director of the academy, Bart De Vries, stressed that the disturbances are reduced to the maximum, so as not to create inconvenience to the residents, although a new surge is now expected with the resumption of air traffic after the limitations imposed by the pandemic .

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