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Flying taxis, the ambitious project of Hyundai and Gm

Carmakers aim for commercialization by 2025

New ways of thinking, new possibilities: the official slogan of the South Korean car group Hyundai Motor gives a clear idea of the potential of this brand, not only with regard to four wheels. The Asian house and General Motors are thinking seriously about flying cars, pursuing the development of special taxis that could enter service over the next few years. 2025 should be the most realistic time for this debut.

Hyundai is very confident, while GM prefers to remain more cautious, so much so that the time schedule in question looks to 2030 as the ideal moment for the start of the new commercial adventure. It should in fact be remembered that a series of obstacles must be overcome, both from a technical and regulatory point of view, before the actual marketing of flying taxis. So far, companies that have come up with the same idea have relied on electric aircraft, with vertical landing and take-off, for both passenger and freight transport.

However, profitability was not on their side and something better needs to be done. One of the main proponents of the development of flying cars is José Muñoz, CEO of Hyundai's North America division, according to whom the operation could take place in the main American airports by 2028. Among other things, one must also deal with a competition in the sector to say the least fierce. Important names such as Toyota, Daimler, Geely are engaged in the same field and the only obstacle at the moment is represented by the lack of knowledge of the right moment in which to launch the decisive offensive. Meanwhile, last April, the Shanghai Motor Show was the backdrop to the presentation of an electric air taxi, the result of the collaboration between a German company, Volocopter, and the aforementioned Geely.

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