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Ukraine Airlines aircraft disaster: results of the Canadian investigation

Ottawa believes it was not premeditated killing

An investigation conducted by the government of Canada into the accident of the aircraft of the air carrier Ukraine Airlines shot down by two Iranian missiles in Tehran on January 8, 2020 tried to shed new light on this misfortune (read also the article published by AVIONEWS). The B-737/800 (UR-PSR registration) of the Ukrainian company took off from the international airport of the Asian capital before being reached and shot down, an error that caused the crash and death of all 176 people on board (9 crewmembers). According to the North American executive, personally involved since 55 Canadian citizens were among the victims, concluded the investigation by stating that there is no evidence that the overthrow of Iran was premeditated. The civilian and military authorities of the Asian Nation, however, were held 100% responsible for the tragedy. The Ottawa hypothesis is that the launch of the missiles was carried out by a single local air defense operator, who would have mistaken the plane for an American missile. Furthermore, the Iranian authorities have been accused for their incompetence, recklessness and "contempt for human life". Ten Iranian officials were indicted last April for the incident under discussion. The Asian Nation has put pen to paper in the technical report how the aircraft was destroyed due to an error by the air defense operator. This is one of the most serious incidents on Iranian territory after that of the Iran Air flight 655 shot down by the US cruiser "USS Vincennes" on July 3, 1988 (290 dead).

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