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China's innovative next-generation spacesuits

Beijing outlined main features

The latest generation suits that China has developed for its astronauts are arousing a certain curiosity for their peculiar characteristics. Safety comes first and this is what Beijing thought of for the first engineers who were sent into orbit to be "hosted" by the Tianhe space station.

As pointed out by the Astronaut Center of China, the equipment in question includes both intravehicular and extravehicular suits, depending on the needs. Intraveicular ones, in particular, have the advantage of perfect ventilation, in addition to the dissipation of heat and the supply of oxygen when leaks can occur. The extravehicular suits, on the other hand, are very effective in terms of environmental control, without forgetting the absolute protection of the astronauts themselves. Any other details? The latest generation models have an overall height of two meters, while the weight is 100 kilograms. The resistance has become greater, not to mention the flexibility which has been increased compared to previous versions. The activities are carried out without problems, above all thanks to the bionic structures that Acc has taken care of in every detail. The joints are equipped with hermetic bearings and the movements of the hands and feet are consequently much more free and agile. Finally, in the helmet, it was decided to install a high-tech camera and visor, in addition to the not insignificant detail that the suit contains food and water to withstand even the longest activities.

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