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NASA seeks volunteers to simulate life on Mars

For a year, their home will be a 3D village

How could one live on Mars? The Red planet has become one of NASA's fixed thoughts and it is no coincidence that the American space agency has launched a program to look for four volunteers willing to spend twelve months in a "space" village. 

The successful candidates would go to stay in what has already been renamed "Mars Dune Alpha", precisely a village built thanks to a 3D printer and which perfectly simulates the typical conditions of Mars, specifically the most arid and remote ones. It is 170 square meters in which to take "accommodation", inside the Johnson Space Center in Houston. 

The robotic mission of NASA on Martian soil is proceeding at full speed, but the agency does not want to settle at all. Among other things, we are thinking of the first man on Mars with a year indicated several times as the most realistic, 2030. The experiments of Martian life are however not open to any person. Going more into the details of the program, the selection will concern citizens aged between 30 and 55, in addition to the essential requirement of excellent health conditions, with the total absence of seasickness among the other characteristics required. In addition, those who have American citizenship and who have completed at least a master's degree in engineering, science or mathematics will be considered, without forgetting a good experience as pilots. The requirements just mentioned are all part of those that are normally required of an aspiring astronaut.

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