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EU. Question on concerted European action on fire prevention

By Salvatore De Meo

"Parliamentary questions

17 August 2021

Question for written answer E-003912/2021to the CommissionRule 138

Salvatore De Meo (PPE) 

Subject: Concerted European action on fire prevention

In recent years, severe fires have destroyed thousands of hectares of land in EU Member States’, causing significant damage to biodiversity, citizens and businesses. One of the main causes of the fires is negligence or arson on the part of human beings.

The European Galileo and Copernicus constellations are valuable tools for the prevention and management of natural disasters and can be further used by taking a united European approach.

However, in its report of 21 April 2021, the European Court of Auditors stated that the European constellations are not being used sufficiently in order to ensure a return on the huge investments made.

In view of the above:

1 Can the Commission say how satellite data are being used in fire management and how they are being made available to Member States?

2 Will the Commission develop a united European system that can improve fire prevention by using satellite data, but also identify those responsible?

3 Does it not think that European action, based on space technologies, to prevent and manage natural disasters could be an appropriate way, at least in part, for the Commission to respond to the European Court of Auditors’ report of 21 April 2021?

Last updated: 30 August 2021".

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