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North Korea tested a hypersonic missile

The launch took place yesterday. Confirmation from Pyongyang today

North Korea successfully tested a hypersonic missile yesterday. Rumors came from South Korea and Japan. Pyongyang confirmed today through the national news agency "KCNA" that described it as a strategic weapon for the country's self-defense, and provided the details: "On Tuesday morning, the Defense Sciences Academy of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (Ed.) Launched a Hwasong- 8 newly developed in Toyang-ri, Ryongrim district, Jagang province".

The military tension shows Kim Jong-un's aim to increase his defense capabilities. Hypersonic missiles are in fact very important weapons for Pyongyang. They are very fast and fly at low altitudes directly to the target, while the cruise missiles make higher trajectories and then crash steeply on the target. Hypersonic ones are also much harder for missile defence systems to intercept. The test would have ascertained the "stability of the missile", the "maneuverability of the guidance system and the gliding characteristics of the hypersonic warhead".

The development of the hypersonic missile is "one of the five priority tasks of the five-year plan" for the development of strategic weapons, "KCNA" stressed. Considering the first ballistic missile fired from a South Korea's submarine and the launch of a submarine in the last days, without forgetting the Aukus pact for the sale of submarines to Australia, we can speak of a real arms race. Not just on the Korean Peninsula, but throughout the Far East.

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