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The Milan-Linate plane crash twenty years ago

Ground collision between two aircraft caused 118 victims

A little less than a month after the air strikes in the US, another tragedy occurred in the same year 2001.

It was in the morning (8:10 am) of Monday October 8, 2001 when a collision on the runway between a Scandinavian Airlines MD-87 aircraft and a Cessna Citation CJ-2 occurred at Milan-Linate airport and which resulted in death of 118 people.

The aircraft of the Scandinavian carrier taking off (flight SK686) was headed for Copenhagen: there was also a thick fog that day, without forgetting the absence of the ground radar. The Cessna was authorized to take off and the pilot (on board with three people) made a mistake to take the runway, taking the R6 instead of the R5 (also due to worn and barely visible signs). Thus he found himself in the middle of the runway where the MD-87 was taking off.

The latter was arriving in the opposite direction at 270 kilometers per hour, hit the smaller plane in full, killing the four occupants instantly. The aircraft bound for Denmark was so damaged that it was unable to take off and crashed into a warehouse where baggage was sorted. A huge fire immediately broke out which caused the death of the people on board (104 passengers and six crewmembers), but unfortunately also on the ground (four sorting staff).

In the tragedy there was only a colleague, the only survivor Pasquale Padovano who after so many years still bears the very evident signs of deep burns, despite having undergone many surgical operations.

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