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Finnair recycles all components of the A-319 airplane

After over twenty years of service

Earlier this year, Finnair and a recycling partner dismantled and recycled a 21-year old A-319 aircraft that had reached the end of its economic life cycle. They originally estimated to be able to reuse and recycle about 90-95% of the aircraft. The final recovery rate was even higher than expected: only 0.8% of the aircraft ended up in disposal.

This was the first ever commercial passenger aircraft recycled in Finland.

At the start, Finnair’s Maintenance team removed almost 2000 parts and components. Some of them will be used elsewhere in Finnair’s narrow body fleet, some will be sold to external vendors. 38,5% of the aircraft will be reused. The project was profitable for Finnair for the aircraft parts alone.

49.1% of the aircraft was recycled. Aluminium made up the bulk of the plane, amounting to approximately 15 tons. This metal is used in future car models, since the automobile industry is one of the biggest users of recycled aluminum. The aluminium from the Finnair aircraft will end up in automatic models of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

7.4% of the aircraft was recovered as energy. The company manufactures fuel of energy-containing waste that is unsuitable for recycling.

4.2% of the aircraft is used in research. The local partner is currently involved in a project that explores the utilization of composite. The materials of the Finnair aircraft will be used in this project.

The dismantling and recycling of the aircraft happened during the bleakest time of the pandemic when carrier’s planes were grounded and thousands of employees were temporarily laid off.

Photo gallery Finnair recycles all components of an A-319 airplane Finnair recycles all components of an A-319 airplane Finnair recycles all components of an A-319 airplane
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