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Capsule Crew 3 docks at the International Space Station

The connection took place around 13:00 on 12 November

The Crew Dragon capsule with four astronauts, three Americans and one German, docked at the International Space Station (ISS). The group will remain in orbit for six months. The mission's goal is to conduct scientific research to improve future space exploration and life on earth.

"Thanks to the whole Nasa team as you said it was nice to work on the vehicle, we all loved the journey up there, it went smoothly, more than we could imagine. And that feeling of going to the second stage was just fantastic. A beautiful journey". This is what cosmonaut Raja Chari said when docking with Iss.

On board with him three other astronauts: Tom Marshburn and Kayla Barron of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the German or Matthias Maurer of the European Space Agency (ESA). The Crew Dragon spacecraft took off along with the Falcon 9 launch rocket at 3:00 am GMT from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

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