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UAE: between the American F-35s and the new Russian planes

Dubai delegation admires Checkmate plane, but awaits Washington response

With the opening yesterday of the "Dubai Airshow" - the event running until November 18 in the United Arab Emirates - buyers and enthusiasts will be able to see the latest technological jewels produced by the world's major industries. Among these is a prototype of the Sukhoi Su-75 Checkmate, the fifth generation Russian-made aircraft, which would have been visited by an Emirati delegation.

The UAE's interest in Moscow is not new. Already in 2017 they signed a preliminary agreement to purchase Sukhoi Su-35 warplanes and jointly work with Russia on the development of a new generation fighter. However, no progress has been made so far. In fact, the Dubai Government would be much more interested in the US F-35 Lighting II fighters: the negotiations for the purchase of 50 aircraft have not made much progress, due to Washington's concerns about relations with China and the use of Huawei's 5G technology.

Now Dubai is hoping to stir something up: "The UAE likes the idea of cultivating ties with the Russian defense industry, but it's primarily a way to send a message to the United States," said a researcher of the Middle East Institute at the National University of Singapore.

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