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There is more and more debris in space

The Pentagon is monitoring more than 27,000 ones

After the Russian missile test that recently destroyed a satellite, forcing crew members of the International Space Station (ISS) to prepare for a possible evacuation, the topic of space debris has returned to the center of public debate. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) argues that this is a decisive problem for the nascent space industry, characterized by a decisive expansion of private companies.

Entrepreneurs and investors are putting billions of euros on the plate to send new satellites to low orbit, but also to build space stations, to make films in the cosmos, for space tourist trips, for missions with private astronauts. The debris could break satellites, ruin onboard hardware, or destroy equipment. The garbage today in orbit around the Earth, between old satellites and pieces of rockets, is continuously monitored by governments and companies in the sector.

The US space agency, to give an idea of the risk, said that in May the Pentagon was keeping under observation more than 27,000 debris. Most are no bigger than a baseball, while the smallest were a few inches tall. In short, the problem must be solved.

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