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Omicron variant hit international flights

Borders closed all over the world; many people stranded abroad

Like many other countries, the US has moved to stop travel to and from South Africa and neighboring countries. Washington's restrictions came into effect yesterday. Some American citizens were able to return home just in time, but many others were stranded in Africa due to the cancellation of flights as a result of the new containment measures of the Omicron variant. 

Just a few weeks ago, the United States reopened its air borders to foreign travelers from 33 countries. Now virologists and travel medicine experts report that the restrictions may allow time to learn more about the dangers of the variant, while passengers are concerned. This is reminiscent of the shake-up that occurred in the early days of the pandemic, when borders and airports were closed and flights grounded within 24 hours. 

Harsher measures than those of the European Union and the United States have been taken by Israel, which has banned all foreigners from entering the country, and Morocco, which has suspended incoming flights for two weeks. Other countries are imposing new tests and quarantine periods. However, many passengers are grateful if they can board the first flight home.

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