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Blue Origin's third tourist flight into space

In the crew Laura Shepard, daughter of the first US astronaut

The third tourist flight in space operated by the private company Blue Origin owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos it's successfully completed. The New Shepard spacecraft had lifted off from a launch base in West Texas. This is the 13th space mission with astronauts completed this year, the first ever with a six-person crew aboard in suborbital flight. 

The astronauts included four paying customers and two guests: Laura Shepard Churchley, 74, daughter of Alan Shepard who was the first US astronaut to go into space; former football player turned television personality Michael Strahan

The crew capsule climbed to an altitude of about 106 km, before descending back to Earth thanks to a parachute. The landing took place safely in the desert. The entire flight, from takeoffers to landers, lasted just over 10 minutes, with the crew experiencing moments of weightlessness at the height of suborbital flight. The reusable launch vehicle returned to the planet a short distance from where the capsule landed moments later. 

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