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27 military no-vax fired in the USA

USAF employees had refused to do the vaccine

The United States Air Force has discharged 27 airmen for refusing to undergo mandatory coronavirus vaccination. The reason is that while they did not request an exemption for religious or medical reasons, they refused to be inoculated with the serum. The employees were forced to leave the service as of Friday. This is the first time the Department of Defense has removed members of the military from their positions. The news was officially released yesterday by the Pentagon.

There are about 326,000 soldiers actively serving for the Air Force and Space Force. All of them were told in September that they should be fully vaccinated by November 2th. More than 94 percent of Air Force employees are fully vaccinated today. However, more than 3,200 Airmen serving in the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve have refused inoculation, while 10,500 have requested an exemption on religious grounds.

Considering the military as a whole, there are at least 40,000 military personnel to date who have refused to be injected with the anti-covid serum, and few among them have requested an exemption. A challenge in a structure founded on obeying orders. 

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