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Airbus commitment in Spain

Faury: "Strengthen on European defense and space sector"

The European company Airbus specialized in aerospace and defense has among its founders Madrid, which invests in the future of a company considered strategic for Spanish industry and the autonomy of the EU continent. The two parties laid the groundwork for important goals recently: on July 30th 2020 Spain gave guarantees that it will continue to play a leading role in the transformation of the European aerospace and defense industry. More recently, on December 2th 2021 the president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, recalled that space will be a decisive engine of economic prosperity for the country.

"Airbus is committed to strengthening Madrid's strategic contribution to priority European defense programs, such as the A-400M transport aircraft, Eurofighter, Tiger helicopter, Fcas (Future Combat Air System) and Eurodrone". In addition "we share the objective that the Spanish space sector should catalyze greater commitment to the Esa (European Space Agency) and through national space programs such as NG SpainSAT", wrote Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury in an article published today by the Spanish newspaper "El Pais".

Thanks to the European Next Generation funds, he continued, "the entire Spanish aerospace sector will be strengthened and made more competitive as a strategic one and at the forefront of the sustainability and digitalization that Europe requires. We must continue to invest in the future and build skills".

"In addition -he concludes- the transition to climate neutrality will require radical and coordinated transformations. As an industry we face the considerable challenge of continuing to invest in decarbonization and innovation, as well as making the necessary operational transitions. Governments will need to act as role models and mediators of the transformation to ensure a level playing field and facilitate the transition with consistent and stable policies".

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