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USA: 45% of planes will fly safely

Faa regulators determined this ahead of 5G rollout

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said that it authorized about 45 percent of commercial aircraft to make low-visibility landings and takeoffs at airports where 5G wireless internet service will be introduced tomorrow on January 19th. However, many airlines ask for for a government intervention, arguing that the regulators' decision could have a serious impact on passenger air travel demand and the cargo supply chain.

"Despite FAA-approved concessions, US airlines will be unable to operate the vast majority of passenger and cargo flights due to 5G-related flight restrictions. Unless action is taken before the scheduled launch on January 19". This is what was stated in a note by the Airlines for America, a group that represents major carriers, including as American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and the logistics company Fedex.

It is recalled, in fact, that the American aviation regulators believe that the 5G service may interfere with the operation of sensitive instruments of planes. For this reason in recent days Faa had approved some models of radio-altimeters used in many Boeing and Airbus airplanes. Other authorizations will arrive in the next days.

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