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Fewer flights to US due to 5G fears

BA cancels connections to Boston, Chicago, LA, NY and San Francisco

Fears of possible disruption to air traffic management, after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) applied restrictive measures to limit possible risks arising from the newly introduced 5G technology, are discouraging international air carriers operating at US airports. The concern relates to the possible interference of wireless communications on the operation of radio altimeters during landing.

"Safety is always our priority. We are monitoring the situation in the US closely and will continue to review our schedule in the coming hours", air carrier British Airways let it know yesterday. The airline cancelled a number of direct flights overseas over concerns that wireless antennas placed near some airports could disrupt aircraft navigation systems. The airline has cancelled flights departing from London and bound for Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. 

Emirates, All Nippon and Japan Airlines have also cancelled dozens of flights to the United States. Other airlines such as Britain's Virgin Atlantic, which does not operate B-777s, reported that it did not make any cancellations or aircraft changes. 

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