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Narcos helicopters used for school training

Seized aircraft become teaching aids for Spanish students

A helicopter seized by the Spanish Guardia Civil from a French mafioso in recent years, become teaching material for students enrolled in the aeronautics course at the Instituto Tecnológico Superior Ada-Its in Seville. This is an aircraft that was shuttling between the Maghreb and Spain for decades, with loads of hashish on board that reached France by truck. 

This same aircraft, which carried the sad cargo that clouded the young minds of so many teenagers, is now home to Spanish aeronautics students completing their practical training. A black Alouette II worth 150,000 Euros ended up in the courtyard of the technical high school, where a dozen students practice under the watchful eye of instructors. Since 2013, the school has served as a judicial depot for aircraft and now houses around 20 aircraft and helicopters.

Spanish investigators have seized 2.4 tonnes of hashish and 112 kilos of marijuana, which were also transported by the black Alouette II over the Strait of Gibraltar. While the French police are on the trail of the bosses, their helicopters no longer sow despair, but stimulate the fantasy and imagination of these young students.

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