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Helicopter to find ship swallowed by ice

The search for the "Endurance" captained by Shackleton and sunk in 1915

The South Pole expedition "Endurance" led by the British explorer Ernest Shackleton has been part of our collective memory for over a century. On board a three-masted ship, he set out to reach Antarctica and then cross it on foot using sleds pulled by dogs. At least 2900 km in 3-4 months of travel. The plan failed before it began, as the vessel was crushed by ice in the Weddell Sea on 21 November 1915.

Now the helicopter service company Ultimate Heli has announced that it will provide support for the 'Endurance 22' expedition, which aims to locate and film the sunken wreck of the ship. It is scheduled to depart on February 5th 2022 from Cape Town, South Africa. The company will deploy two helicopters: a Bell 412EP and a Kaman K-Max. The two aircraft will be housed on board the SA research vessel "Agulhas II". Saab Sabertooth underwater vehicles will also be used at the site to help locate the wreck.

"This is our eighth consecutive season in Antarctica. We are proud to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime expedition. Our ability to deploy helicopters and specialised crews is the pinnacle of experience. We wish the team members all the best in their quest for Endurance", is the wish by the company's CEO, Shaun Roseveare.

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