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China's focusing on space

Details of next five-year expansion plan outlined

The Chinese government has recently unveiled details of its five-year space expansion plan. Beijing said it will aim to strengthen its presence in the cosmos to better protect its assets in orbit and its interests in the space economy. Among the primary goals, in addition to the construction of a national orbiting space station, there are plans to build a system to defend the Earth from debris and asteroids and cooperation with other nations. 

"China will actively participate in discussions on international issues and the development of relevant procedures, such as those in the fields of space environment governance, near-Earth object monitoring, planetary protection, space traffic management and the development and utilisation of the cosmos' resources", the White paper says. A document that encapsulates Beijing's goals towards 'moderate prosperity'.

China says it intends to play an active role in formulating international rules on space within the framework of the United Nations to ensure the long-term sustainability of cosmic activities. At the national level, however, Beijing will legally frame this development.

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