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Ukraine crisis: a toll of dead and wounded

Italy will send to Kiev new armaments among which Stinger anti-aircraft missiles

The Ukrainian Ministry of Health released a new bulletin in recent hours. It takes stock of the situation regarding the wounded and dead fellow citizens since the beginning of military operations of Russian invasion: at least 352 civilians have been killed, including 14 children, while hospitals have received 1684 people injured, including 116 minors. 

Meanwhile, after the green light of the governments of the United Kingdom and Denmark to the voluntary enlistment of their fellow citizens in the ranks of the Ukrainian army, the executive of Sweden will provide Kiev with financial support amounting to 42.78 million dollars and military equipment: 135,000 field rations (food), 5000 helmets, 5000 armors and 5000 anti-tank grenade launchers. Stockholm had not supplied weapons since 1939. 

In the meantime, yesterday Italy ordered the dispatch of the first two Eurofighter fighter planes that will be deployed in Romania. Together with these, Rome will send hundreds of Stinger anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, thousands of Browning and Mg machine guns, mines and various types of ammunition. All armaments suitable for urban conflict contexts, some of the experts note. In particular, the infrared Fim-92 Stingers are able to hit any aircraft in flight at an altitude of 3500-4000 meters. The Italian military mobilized are about 3400 in three missions. 

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