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Ukraine crisis: the speech of Draghi

To the Senate: will be doubled Italian Air Forces in Romania

The President of the Italian Council of Ministers Mario Draghi spoke this morning at the Senate to discuss the war between Russia and Ukraine and the possible effects of the conflict on Italian country, as well as to communicate the moves that the Government will make. A crisis that about 2300 Italians living in Ukraine, more than 1600 of them residents, are living on their own skin. For this reason, since February 12, the Farnesina has recommended compatriots to leave the country, activating the Crisis Unit. 

"The invasion of Ukraine by Russia marks a decisive turning point in European history. Over the past decades, many had deluded themselves that war would no longer find a place in Europe. In other words, that we could take for granted the achievements of peace, security, well-being that the generations that preceded us had obtained with enormous sacrifices", said the Prime Minister. 

This is Italy's role. From a humanitarian and migratory point of view "we have already contributed considerably to the emergency with a funding of 110 million Euros in favor of Kiev as a support to the general budget of the State. We have donated over 4 tons of sanitary material, and offered 200 family tents and 1000 cots. We are planning to send goods to assist the population, to send medicines and medical devices and to deploy field medical units". 

From the military point of view "the supreme allied commander in Europe has issued the activation order for all five gradual response plans. To the unit currently deployed in Latvia Italy contributes with 239 units. As far as naval forces are concerned, they are already sailing under NATO command. Our air forces deployed in Romania will be doubled in order to guarantee continuous coverage, together with allied assets. Further forces are in a state of pre-alert: Italy is ready with a first group of 1400 soldiers and a second of 2000 units".

Finally a concern: "The deterioration of relations between Russia and the European Union and NATO has made even more aggressive the posture of Moscow towards the West in the cyber and disinformation field. In fact, Russia has increased its hostile activities towards the countries of the European Union and NATO. It has been activated a special nucleus for the cybersecurity to share the collected information and inside it has been established a permanent table dedicated to the crisis in action".

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