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Stop supplies Boeing-Airbus to Russian air carriers

Decision follows economic sanctions against Moscow

Two of the world's largest manufacturers in the aviation industry, the US Boeing and the European Airbus, have stopped the supply of components for their aircraft in the fleets of Russian companies. This decision is part of the economic sanctions imposed by the West against Moscow after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

US-based Boeing said it has suspended some operations in Russia, where it also has research and engineering lab centers. "We have suspended major operations in Moscow and temporarily closed our office in Kiev. We are also suspending the supply of parts and maintenance and technical support services for Russian companies. While the conflict continues we are ensuring the safety of our workers in the region". 

Meanwhile, Airbus is initiating the discontinuation of services to Russian airlines. However, although its Airbus Engineering Center in Russia (ECAR) research facility in Moscow has suspended operations, it may continue to serve local Russian customers, in line with economic sanctions imposed on the Kremlin.

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