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Ukrainian conflict: appeal to the Atomic Energy Agency

Kiev asks for protection of its power plants from Russian "nuclear terrorism"

The Ukrainian government asks the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to appeal to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to close the access to the airspace over its nuclear plants. This is a consequential request that Kiev makes for "to prevent acts of nuclear terrorism" by Russia, which recently took control of the Chernobyl plant and in recent hours attacked the one in Zaporizhzhia. 

"In order to ensure the safety of nuclear facilities at the Chernobyl site and in the exclusion zone, we insist on urgently requesting decisive action to establish an A2/AD (Anti Access/Area Denial) on the territory of Ukraine, taking into account the risks and geography of the location of the Nnegc Energoatom", the government in Kiev wrote to the IAEA. 

The request is as follows: establish an immediate ceasefire, prevent the approach of Russian Armed forces beyond 30 km from the nuclear power plant, provide humanitarian and psychological assistance to the staff of the plant.

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